Muscle Weighs More Than Fat: The Flawed BMI system

The BMI system (is in my opinion), one of the worst ways to research if you are a healthy weight. I mean come on, it’s the 21st century, we have all this technology etc. and we cannot switch to a less flawed system? Why don’t they measure your body fat percentage and such at a physical. Also, it doesn’t account for boobs (if you are a girl–sounds funny but hey I like to think that each of my boobs are def a couple of lbs). All I’m saying is that it is very likely, if you are in great shape that there is someone of equal height and weight as you in terrible shape and looks unhealthy and vice versa.

There is one saying that you will always keep hearing “muscle weights more than fat”. This is so true. I’m writing this because I used to be very uncomfortable about how much I weighed–even when I was perfectly normal. I was always big boned/athletic and weighed more than I thought I should (compared to my friends).

I find there are many people like this and you should not focus on the scale if you are healthy, fit, eat right, etc. The thing is you’ve heard muscle weighs more than fat–a pound of muscle in your body takes up significantly less space than fat does, so it will always weigh more. I don’t focus on the scale anymore as much and I refuse to tell my friends my weight but I know what weight is healthy for me because I lift weights and am more muscular–(so I definitely know when I packed on those extra pounds also).



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I would say focus less on the scale number–last week at my gyno she told me she didnt believe i weighed as much as I actually did (not as an insult she was just like wow I would think you were about 15 lbs lighter), i’m not noticably ripped but i’m a strong person naturally and I work out.

The beauty of being a girl is that it is rude to ask a girl their weight. No one needs to know what your number is, you just need to feel comfortable in your body, and if your healthy I would even recommend stop weighing yourself and start taking measurements with a tape measurer of parts of your body–be more accurate to compare those to others. Also, this will help you know your healthy ‘number’.


This is five lbs of fat compared to five lbs of muscle. Really puts things into perspective.



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