New Year, Less Beer

This blog is my mission to be healthier and mainly lose weight. I am mainly pretty healthy, but trust me, the italian in me knows how to eat, A LOT. I love nutrition and love tracking calories (unless its the months of december and january and I decide to eat everything my hands can touch)–talk about an extended “holiday diet” aka the eat anything I want it’s the holidays game plan–this is all great until stepping on a scale…YIKES. Yes, I know it’s weird to like tracking calories, but that is what works for me and how I lose

Unfortunately, I barely managed such a miracle this holiday.

So, cutting down the alcohol is a must!! Beer especially–I always wish I could be one of those girls that could go to the bar and order a vodka soda and be content. I mean that’s okay for a drink or two–but c’mon nothing beats hanging out at a bar/party/etc. and sipping on beers while having a good time. It even sounds more fun to drink beer–however my waistline disagrees.

So i’m not going to say that this a new years cliche resolution of losing weight because first of all it’s past new years and second of all, my theory is that once you label something as a new years resolution the actuality of you doing it decreases–I feel like people take new years resolutions as a wish, say they’re going to do it and 90 % of them don’t and think it’s magically going to happen on its own- also I completely made up that percent and maybe i’m being a negative nancy but anyways this is my ‘body back in shape’ phase. I have been couch ridden (can you call it that? sounds better than saying ‘over break i’ve been eating while laying on the couch watching tv while I was perfectly capable of working out’). Anyway, poor couch ridden me has had an end to my bum around couple of months thing and am going to get things going.


From this day, January 13th, I vow to:

-Cut out all beer for the whole first month (not all alcohol -c’mon i’m a college gal)

-Eat 1300 net calories per day (daily intake of calories subtracted by the approximate number of calories that I worked off during a work out (I usally make this number lower than I think the approximate is))

-Log what I eat (and provide any fun healthy recipes on here–can’t wait for the countless quinoa ones (cannot get enough of quinoa NOMS) —(I log through my iphone :my fitness pal) — I much rather spark people on the computer (the app you have to pay for–so I didn’t get it (again i’m a college girl)) but the only reason I prefer is because you can see how much you are eating of everything-protein, fat, carbs etc. where as my fitness pal only does calories. If you are eating less calories but it’s pure fat–not so good. However, if you are eating healthy and have a good general knowledge about food and nutrient density than just counting calories works fine anyway.

-NO PASTA (usually, no breads but I really don’t have a problem with carbs except pasta (AND THERE GOES THE FAT ITALIAN IN ME AGAIN)), but really, I can singlehandedly kill a few lbs of pasta a week (ok exaggeration but who doesn’t LOVE pasta?!?)–however I have never found i’ve been depriving myself of pasta as one would with candy etc. so maybe it’s good that pasta is my weakness rather than sweets. Generally, as a basis of a healthy diet regime basically no white breads–I stick to brown rice and I use quinoa as a carb satisfier.

-Lets see if I can burn 10 lbs by february 13th. One month—I think I should do it mostly if not any reason other than the next day is valentines day and then I can eat my self-bought chocolates while crying watching the notebook alone-HA already talking about killing my healthy eating–but side note kidding. I’m shooting for a 25 lb loss with no deadline, The last 10 lbs always take the longest.


EACH AND EVERY PERSON EARNS THE BODY THE HAVE (except for the lucky ones with the fast metabolism that eat everything–gotta hate those people-KIDDING) but really. Just like anything else in life you get what you give. Give it you’re all and you will get what you want.