Quinoa Qinoa and Please More Quinoa!!!

I LOVE QUINOA. It is all the talk lately and there are just so many reasons why this is the best food and why it is AWESOME for trying to lose weight.

I wanted to share my love for quinoa because I feel it is a necessity for weight loss (well for me atleast). 

The many benefits of Qunioa:

-Quinoa satisfies my LOVE for carbs and it is so versatile.

-It contains antioxidents, it is a great source of fiber and a good source of iron!

-quinoa is one of the few non-animal protein foods that contain all 8 essential amino-acids!! This is great for vegans/vegetarians etc. (basically, it’s a complete protein).


Those are just a few reasons why it is so good and healthy for you! For me I find it to be extremely satisfying and you can really do so much with it. I have used quinoa in salad, have made a quinoa salad, have made a quinoa stir fry, a quinoa casserole, quinoa muffins, quinoa bites–yummyy! Theres just so much you can do! It also only takes about 15 minutes to cook-which is always a plus (brown rice takes about 45 minutes).