This is one of my favorite shakes when i’m trying to lose weight for many reasons:

-It’s cheap to make 

-Healthy and satisfying

-and perfect for lunch/breakfast POST WORKOUT (just an awesome post workout shake), many nutrients.



-sometimes I freeze my bananas when they’re ripe so I can make this whenever I want. I usually use around 1 banana, usually 1 tbs (I prefer skippy because it’s my favorite peanut butter), I dabble with how much chocolate syrup but about 1.5 tbs and I have used skim milk and you can use any milk but I love the unsweetened almond milk from trader joe’s and it’s a lot healthier! Add ice to your liking, blend it up and delicious!

Calorie Breakdown:

-Banana  ——-> ~110 cals (depending on size, this accouts for a medium/large banana)

-Peanut Butter-   ~90 cals

-Chocolate Syrup ~150 cals (you can use less to make it less cals–it just satisfies me more so worth it for me LOVE MY CHOCOLATE!)

-Almond Milk      ~20 (1 cup=40 so you may prefer more I’m just not a milk lover and will add       water sometimes with milk)

TOTAL CALS: 370 calories (which can be reduced by 50 or so by using less syrup)

(note* if you use skim milk 1/2 a cup is ~ 50 cals so total recipe would be about 400 calories)